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MTI RACING "Hot Spark" Heat Shield Race Plug Wires


These spark plug wires are custom made for MTI Racing by the supplier to IRL and Daytona Prototype cars. Perfect for street, show or track. Please note that some trucks use a standard length wire, depending on the ignition coils. We are most likely to have black in stock. Other color options are often special order.


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These LSX spark plug wires are custom made for MTI Racing by the supplier to IRL and Daytona Prototype cars. Perfect for street, show or track. Constructed of high energy wire-wound core with 7mm high temperature silicone insulation jacket. Stainless steel terminals are used for superior corrosion resistance. High temperature silicone boots. Silicone over Fiberglass Heat Sleeving adds additional heat and abrasion protection to wire. These wires will last longer under heat, provide more energy and look better too.

They are not just for "highly-modified engines". They provide benefits even on stock engines.

FACT: Heat causes electrical resistance, and that robs ignition energy.

The MTI Racing wires tolerate the underhood temps better by using protective heat sleeving and fire braiding to keep heat away from the conductor wire. When the heat is on, the MTI Racing wires keep on delivering full energy, day after day, after day, after day.
Factory wires...not so much


  • Protective Heat Sleeving
  • Fire Braiding over wire
  • Provides more consistent ignition for all applications
  • Better clearance to headers
  • Enhances engine compartment appearance
  • Even available in custom lengths (for variety of valve covers and coil relocation options)

*For those cars with HEADERS.... With these wires, you have better clearance to headers, AND you are able to grab the boot so much better because the boot is smaller, allowing your fingers to get in there.

There are several lengths to choose from (for your application):

  • Standard Length (99% of LS engines)
  • LS9 ZR1, (0.75" shorter)
  • LS-Tall Deck Blocks (0.75" longer)
  • LS-Truck (1.5" longer)

Available in three colors:     (PLEASE SPECIFY COLOR WHEN ORDERING)

  1. Red wire with Red sleeve
  2. Red wire with Black sleeve
  3. Black wire with Black sleeve

Price comparison:   Comparable GM replacement wires are $145.

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Model C5, C6, C7, Camaro 2010+, Camaro Firebird 98-2002 LS1, CTS-V, GM Truck/SUV
Manufacturer MTI Racing

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