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  • C7 Corvette Aero Testing at A2 Wind Tunnel

    MTI Racing sent a three man team with two C7 Corvettes up to A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, North Carolina to test our prototype areo kit. The initial result is an 1100% increase in downforce! Here is a video of some of the testing.

    If you would like more info on wind tunnel testing, click here to watch an oldie but goodie MTI Racing Tech TV.

  • C7 Corvette Coilover Manufacturing Process

    We are busy working on our C7 Corvette Coilover setups. We are nearing completion, and we will selling them very soon. While you are waiting, take a look at how we are making our "butterfly" mounts.

  • Aero Installation and Testing

    We have finished fabricating and testing the MTI Racing Prototype Aero Kit for our C7 Corvette!


    We installed a fairly large splitter and a MTI High Twist Wing.


    The C7 looks pretty sinister with its new aero. MTI Racing's staff is excited with the first major cosmetic step to making the C7 a proper race car!


    Reese, and the track crew, took the C7 to Road Atlanta to test the new aero, and the testing was very successful! Call us today for more information on our custom aero kits today!


  • C7 Harness Bar Test at Road Atlanta

    We have completed our C7 Corvette Harness Bar Prototype. We performed our initial testing at Road Atlanta, and it produced amazing results. We took this video of the test to show a side-by-side of our harness bar with a 6-point harness vs. the standard 3 point safety belt.

    The MTI Racing Harness Bar for C7 Corvette will be available soon!

  • Weekend Highlight - Drive Modes in Wet/Damp Conditions

    MTI Racing's team of engineers and technicians spent some time on Nov. 22, 2013 at Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) to get some baseline track data on our new C7 Corvette. Unfortunately, it was raining, but we took the opportunity to test some of the driving modes on a wet/damp track.

    The C7's new drive mode selector has five primary settings: Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport and Track. We tested Weather, Tour, Sport, and Tracking on track, and Eco to get there.



    The official MTI Racing notes read "makes car undrivable." The delay in acceleration, used to prevent unnecessary loss of traction, makes it difficult to get anything done on track.



    Eco mode deactivates 4 cylinders to make the C7... well, more economical. It raises the highway mpg up to 30 mpg, but at the cost of horsepower. Due to this lost of power in this mode, it wasn't tested on track.



    This mode provides better forward traction than the Weather setting, but still very intrusive during turns. It produced heavy understeer while entering turns, and massive oversteer while exiting them.



    Driving with no Traction Control in wet/damp conditions is a bad idea, but we will try anything once. Our testing confirmed that it is a bad idea. It took less than one lap to realize it was not safe.



    Touring was the preferred mode for the Damp/Wet conditions. It had just the right amount of traction control to inspire confidence and safely traverse the track. It led to the highest track time by nearly 7 seconds.


    In any wet/damp condition, we recommend that your first concern is safety. Never do anything that could put yourself in harms way. If you are on track in wet/damp conditions, leave it in touring and take it a little slower than normal. You will be pleased with the capabilities of the C7.

  • Day 2 - Harness Bar and Shifter Design

    First off, is that not the face of a proud C7 Owner?

    Our team of engineers and fabricators are hard at work designing a harness bar and shifter for our new C7 Corvette.IMG_1656

    The back panels have been removed to find points to secure a harness bar.


    The stock shifter has been removed to acquire needed measurements to create a MTI Racing shifter.

  • The MTI Racing C7 Has Arrived!

    Day One with the NEW MTI Racing C7 Corvette.

    It is here in the shop, and we are diving into it! We are looking at each component of the car, and finding ways to make them better. Keeping checking in here to follow the MTI Racing C7 Build.

  • Fall Dyno Day on November 16, 2013

    Fall Dyno Day

    November 16, 2013

    Roll in at 9 a.m.

    • $50 - 2 Power Pulls
    • $60 - 2 Pulls w/ Wide Band Data Acquisition
    • Preregister online for a FREE T-shirt
    • Awards for Highest NA & Boost Horsepower
    • Raffle for various MTI Racing Swag
    • FREE food catered by Williamson Bros. BBQ

    Click here to preregister!

  • Will Stukas Wins at Watkins Glen

    MTI Racing's Engineer, Will Stukas, took home a win both days at the NASA-NE event at Watkins Glen this weekend. He set a new track record, and he finished a full lap ahead of the rest of the American Iron class.

    Let MTI Racing's staff of highly trained engineers, technicians, and drivers transform you into a racer today!

    Check out the official times of the NASA-NE event at

  • Corvette ‘Powerhouse’ Dominates NASA-SE June Jam

    IMG_1311 copy copy

    Corvette ‘Powerhouse’ Dominates NASA-SE June Jam

    June 16, 2013 Braselton, Ga

    The National Auto Sports Association (NASA) is one of the largest organizers of track events in the country, and drivers from across the region competed June 14-16, 2013. The NASA June Jam event was held at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Ga. MTI Racing, a local Corvette performance shop, showed up in force, and displayed their dominance. All eyes were focused on the track Sunday as MTI Racing teammates and rivals Matt Isbell and Joe Freda left it all on the track. The two fought for first place until the final two laps, when Isbell went through traffic and Freda could not follow.

    Isbell, driver of the #88 MTI Racing Datsun 240Z, describes the race as, “an injection of pure perfect. I can’t believe it… It was truly a pleasure to be a part of.” Isbell won overall at the NASA Southeast Region event. Freda took second place, and ran the fastest lap, breaking the Road Atlanta lap record for the Vintage Unlimited class by traveling the 12 turns of the 2.54 mile road course in 1:29.400 seconds. “It was real hammer and tong racing,” Freda said. As the driver of the #22 MTI Racing 1971 Camaro Z28, Freda and his son, Benjamin Freda, built the ’71 Camaro, consulting with MTI Racing to ensure total car performance. “There is more to come. I intend to drop several seconds (from my lap times) during the next event,” said Freda.

    “It was the best Thunder Race I can remember,” said Reese Cox, owner of MTI Racing. Cox also achieved high ranks by running a 1:24.840 lap, the fastest lap of the weekend, claiming first place in time trials. Cox spent the weekend testing a new prototype engine, “The Super 500,” the name derived from the engine being a highly modified 500 cubic inch LSX engine producing over 700 horsepower naturally aspirated. Other notable MTI Racing team drivers are: Will Stukas, who won the American Iron class and placed forth overall, and Mike Howard, placing second in time trials with a 1:25.556 lap.

    The next NASA event will be the Hotlanta Challenge August 3-4, 2013. For more information about NASA Pro Racing, visit For more information on MTI Racing, check out

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