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Billy Boat Exhaust for C7 Corvette


Billy Boat Exhaust for C7 Corvette


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Billy Boat C7 Fusion Axle Back

The Gen3 Fusion exhaust for the C7 Corvette is the result of Billy Boat's extensive development over the last six years of NPP exhaust development. We have learned a few things, and we have incorporated them in the Gen3.

* Uses the exclusive 3" butterfly valve at both the front and rear of the system. (factory is 2.5")

* The 3" side is truly straight through for more volume at idle, cruising, and head turning under acceleration.

* While it maintains all the modes of the C7, it turns them up a notch for true driving enjoyment.


Billy Boat C7 PRT Axle Back

The Billy Boat Performance Exhaust PRT C7 exhaust system is the latest in resonance control technology from B&B. Completey redesigned and reengineered for the C7, the system is simple indesign, though more complex in theory. This Billy Boat Performance Exhaust PRT system works purely on physics and adrenaline.


The Billy Boat C7 PRT exhaust incorporates our own version of the factory-designed butterfly valve to control backpressure and sound when your C7 goes into economy mode, maintaining all the technology from the factory. Unlike the factory base model C7, which only has a 2.0' outlet for the exhaust, the Billy Boat PRT allows a mellow sound at cruising speeds and a sport note when you're tearing up the streets. It allows true straight through exhaust passage under agressive driving conditions, though a mellow sound is emitted at cruising speeds thanks to the unique Purge Chamber.


Billy Boat C7 Bullet Axle Back

The Bullet is the most aggressive performance exhaust system to be released, and has quickly become the industry standard for a deep, aggressive muscle car sound.

A full 3" system, the Gen 2 version of the Bullet incorporates a smaller, yet very effective PRT resonator to help control the drone at cruising speeds. It also incorporates a exclusive 3" butterfly valve for 4 cylinder mode to provide a free flowing system that produces unmatched sound quality and performance.



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